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Week #11: Mad Scientist Week [ Persuasion ]

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Week #11: Mad Scientist Week [ Persuasion ] Empty Week #11: Mad Scientist Week [ Persuasion ]

Post  Teacher Chris Fri Oct 14, 2011 11:37 pm

What we did:

Finish Watching Aladdin
Experiment: Make Volcano

Learn about Persuasion. Logic, Ethics, & Emotion (lecture)
Experiment: Blow Up Volcano

Review Game
Do Persuasion Exercise #1
Experiment: Glow in the Dark Drinks!

Do Persuasion Exercise #2
Practice persuade mad scientist for more time to make a monster in the lab game.
Experiment: Mentos in Diet Coke

Do Persuasion Exercise #3
Mad Scientist Make a Monster Lab Game
Experiment: Make Slime

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