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Winter Camp - 3rd Grade (week 1)

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Winter Camp - 3rd Grade (week 1) Empty Winter Camp - 3rd Grade (week 1)

Post  Teacher Chris Tue Jan 03, 2012 1:16 pm

Christmas Week
Teaching English Through Christmas Songs & Teaching about American Christmas Culture through real life experience.

1.) Give English Names & Ice-breaker Name Game
2.) Evolution Game for the expressions, "What do you want for Christmas?" & "I want ________."; Try the "What do you want for Christmas" song w/ hand motions.

1.) "What do you want for Christmas?" song, show alternate expression "What do you want for your Birthday?" (students should memorize for homework); Christmas Limbo (Game)
2.) Set up Christmas Tree; Learn "Goodbye Snowman"

1.) Alter expression to "What did you get for Christmas?" & "I got _______"; try singing song with altered lyrics.
2.) Make the Gingerbread House

1.) Go over the expression "Are you_____?" (positions = 1. under the tree 2. in the sleigh 3. on the rooftop)) & its hand-expressions; Practice the songs "Goodbye Snowman" & "What do you want for Christmas?"
2.) Go Christmas Caroling // Take a Picture w/ Santa // Give Hot Chocolate

1.) Review "Are you ______?"; Students write example sentence; Sentence Practice the Song "Santa, Where are you?"; Nice or Naughty (Game)
2.) Santa Run (Game); Camping for Santa; Gift Exchange
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